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Real Estate Property Development in Vancouver

Real Estate Property Development Lawyers in Vancouver, British Columbia

Skilled legal team helps your investment grow

Whether you are looking to develop land for a commercial, industrial, retail, or residential project, Castle Law LLP, can help you make decisions with confidence. Our knowledgeable legal team has diverse experience assisting residential buyers and sellers throughout Vancouver and B.C. We can help you understand laws and zoning regulations, file applications for permits, and conduct due diligence searches. Further, our team can protect your rights and resolve any conflicts that may arise.

How we can help your real estate land development project in Vancouver

Castle Law LLP, routinely represents investors, developers, lenders, contractors, business owners and sub-contractors throughout Vancouver and B.C.

Whether you need assistance with a commercial or retail location or any or a residential sale, our experienced team of real estate attorneys can protect your best interests at every turn.

Further, we can help you draft and negotiate sound contracts that make clear the obligations of all signing parties.

Our attorneys are especially skilled in the following areas:

  • Construction financing
  • Ownership vehicle structuring
  • Implementing development structures
  • Drafting/negotiating covenants, statutory rights of way and easements
  • Obtaining municipal approvals and permits
  • Preparing disclosure statements for condominium, timeshare and strata sales
  • Advising on master-planned communities
  • Conveying completed lots, strata lots or interests for developers
  • Negotiating agreements with neighbouring landowners
  • Drafting/negotiating construction contracts and related matters

Dependable real estate land development support in Vancouver

Due to the complex nature of real estate land development projects and transactions, it is best to consult a skilled lawyer before breaking ground. From navigating municipal, regional and provincial regulations to managing financing matters, there’s a lot to be overwhelmed by. At Castle Law LLP, we’re here to do the heavy lifting so you can focus on turning your dream into reality. Contact us online or by telephone today.

Every property development project encounters legal issues at some point in time. Our goal is to reduce if not eliminate those issues. We can work alongside land development/construction teams, architects, surveyors, and engineers.

Our Vancouver real estate lawyers can provide guidance at every step of the development process:


Our attorneys can conduct due diligence on any property you are interested in buying to ensure there are not legal or environmental issues that could be a problem for you later.

We can advise you in the following areas:

  • Limited partnerships, co-ownership, joint ventures, etc.
  • Corporate structuring/tax
  • Land assembly
  • Land acquisitions
  • Project and/or construction financing
  • Title and off-title searches (due diligence)
  • Cost-sharing agreements
  • Contract, lease, and environmental due diligence reviews


Next, we can help you with legal matters that may arise once your development project is underway, including:

  • Site plan analysis and approvals
  • Municipal/ provincial/federal approvals and permits
  • Condominium declarations and other related matters
  • Zoning matters, variances, and severances
  • Easements and Shared Services Agreements
  • Risk assessment strategies
  • Drafting construction contracts and other agreements
  • Restrictive covenants, reciprocal rights agreements, building schemes, etc.
  • Transfers for easements, road widening, etc.

Leasing, financing and operations

The development of any type of land project in Vancouver will require the leasing and financing negotiations and contracts. Our attorneys can represent your best interests in the following pertinent legal matters:

  • Landlord/tenant leases
  • Indemnifier agreements
  • Risk allocation
  • Insurance matters
  • Leasehold and take-out financing
  • Cost recovery and realty tax allocation
  • Reporting obligations
  • Operating covenants and radius restrictions
  • Standardized leases for multi-tenanted projects


Upon completion of your land development project, our lawyers can pivot swiftly to help you prepare the required documents for resale, or to sell/lease certain lots, blocks or subunits within the property.

We regularly help our client with the following sales related matters:

  • Financing covenants for prepayment obligations/restrictions
  • Closing of individual sites, lots/blocks, and condominiums
  • Creating standardized closing packages for builder, lot/block and condominium sales
  • Deposit trustee for condominiums
  • Disclosure statements for purchasers
  • Preparing purchase, sale, and lease-back agreements
  • Preparing standard form agreements of purchase and sale
  • Options to purchase or rights of first refusal

Contact Castle Law LLP, for help with real estate property development in B.C.

To succeed in land development, you need quick thinking and savvy acumen. At Castle Law LLP, our knowledgeable legal team can help you navigate the land development process confidently, from start to finish. No matter what stage you are at — acquisition or development — we can help you make strategic and beneficial decisions. To discuss your real estate land development project with one of our skilled attorneys call or contact us online.

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