What Happens When a Buyer Breaches Their Contract in British Columbia?

Breach of Contract in British Columbia Contracts form the basis of real estate law in Vancouver as they create a formal, written record of what’s agreed between two (or more) parties. Most of the time, this process goes smoothly and all parties fulfill their obligations under the contract. However, even when a formal contract lays out the rights and responsibilities of all parties, disputes can and do arise. If contracts are drafted correctly and considered valid, they are legally enforceable. In the event of disputes, they can often be used to solve matters amicably. Business contracts are wide-ranging in ...

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Joint Tenancy or Tenants in Common in BC

Joint Tenancy or Tenants in Common in British Columbia There are many circumstances where people may consider owning property jointly with one or more persons. Probably the most common situation is spouses, who may share ownership of the home they live in, or other real estate such as a cottage or vacation property. Another common situation is aging parents, who may decide to name one of their children as a part owner of their house, or as a joint account holder of their investment and bank accounts, so that the child can help manage the parent’s affairs. Whatever ...

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Selling a Business in British Columbia

Articles Experienced attorneys assist you with business endeavors in Vancouver If you are looking to sell a business in B.C., your first move should be to contact a knowledgeable attorney. Since commercial transactions can involve millions of dollars and multiple parties, having an attorney by your side early on can prevent costly mistakes down the road. At Castle Law LLP, we can provide you with competent legal help at every phase of the process — from initial negotiations to the drafting of a letter of intent, and ultimately, the signing of a purchase agreement. No matter what stage of ...

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How to Start a Business in British Columbia

Articles A skilled Vancouver legal team guides you through the process It’s common for business owners to be involved in many types of transactions, including commercial property agreements. If your company is involved in buying and selling commercial real estate in Vancouver, it’s in your best interests to consult with a real estate attorney. At Castle Law LLP, our legal team is experienced in helping Vancouver business owners with the development, purchase, lease, and sale of commercial properties and land throughout B.C. We can help your business-related real estate endeavors in the following ways: Offer legal advice and assistance ...

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What’s the difference between a corporation, partnership, & sole proprietorship

Articles Experienced legal team helps you with partnerships, corporations, and sole proprietorship in B.C. If you’re looking to start a new business, it is vital that you choose the appropriate structure for your company. At Castle Law LLP, we have extensive experience advising veteran business owners as well as budding entrepreneurs on a wide range of business-related matters. Depending on your unique circumstances and objectives, we can assist you in forming the following business structures: Sole proprietorship Partnership Corporation Book A Consultation What is a sole proprietorship? Under the structure of a sole proprietorship, legal and ...

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