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Real estate transactions in British Columbia can feel like a rollercoaster ride. You are likely already aware that you will need a realtor, but you may not realize the importance of also securing an attorney. The average person knows very little about what happens behind the scenes in Real Estate – which is precisely when a lawyer is required.

Our lawyers at Castle Law LLP guarantee that each stage of the transaction process goes as expected. We collaborate with realtors and mortgage brokers to negotiate a contract that is beneficial to you while also safeguarding your rights.

We are proud to assist clients with the following real estate sales matters in Vancouver:

  • Closing representation
  • Contract review
  • Resolving home inspection problems
  • Registration or cancellation of mortgages
  • Clearing title issues
  • Disputes between landlords and tenants
  • Commercial leasing agreements

Our real estate attorneys are dedicated to assisting you with your real estate goals in British Columbia, whether you’re just getting started or need assistance closing. We’ll be there for you at every turn, providing honest counsel throughout the process.

Practice Areas

Transfer of Ownership & Titles

Partnership & Joint Venture Structuring

Real Estate Property Development

Commercial Real Estate Purchase

Construction Litigation

Residential Real Estate Purchase

Restrictive Covenants

Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Refinance

Real Estate

Purchases & Sales

Strata Litigation

Real Estate
Title Insurance

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If you are looking to buy, sell, lease, or develop land in Vancouver, be sure to seek competent legal counsel.